BibDesk is my favourite Reference Management Tool, and it was developed by  Michael McCracken,  Christiaan Hofmanand  Adam Maxwell contributed. It was launched to the public in 2002.  It is a reference management software that is to be used with BibTeX and the document markup language LaTeX. It was developed as an open-source project and is for use on the Mac operating system. It is used to edit and manage bibliographies. It can be used to manage references, find references, import references and export references. It can also be linked to documents.

BibDesk  is great at creating, editing, managing, and searching BibTeX databases. It connects to external databases such as PubMed, Library of Congress of the U.S. and Wen of Science.  It is easy to import references from articles and books; the data is organized by the reference manager. It also organizes  the desktop folder by putting documents which are in the computer and they will appear in the Bibtex database entries.  Also, it can be used to do other citation formats,  besides the BibTex format for LaTeX documents.


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I chose Nivea as an example for my shop strategy because it has had a strong presence from the beginning. This product has a great image and has known how to maintain it. Also, gained our trust for allways being there and taking care of us throughout the years.

One of Nivea´s first achievements was the development of Eucerit, invented by Dr. Isaac Lifschütz, which was the basis for NIVEA Creme. Now, Nivea was able to remain stable over the years and therefore by 1914 it was transported and sold to other continents. Dr. Oscar Troplowitz had the vision of making of Nivea a high quality cosmetic cream which was affordable and this is still the case. Consequently, the investigators at Nivea began developing creams which adapted to the necessities of different people. They also had a rapid international expansion and adapted the publicity and the product.

The appearance of the blue Nivea cream tin can was also modified in the UK, and made it into plastic packaging so that they stopped associating nivea to shoe polish. Various creams were made by the laboratories for the needs of the customer, because in the northern countries, creams which protected the skin from the cold weather and wind where needed. Also, in the southern continents creams with sunblock were needed and that is why they developed Nivea Sun. In Asia for example, they like light skin and Nivea created Nivea Whitening Paste which could lighten the skin and it is still a big seller.

Before, Nivea received thousands of letters with questions, suggestions and today the old-fashioned letters are replaced with social networks, e-mail and the phone. “And thanks to social networks like Facebook, it’s never been easier for fans of NIVEA to connect with us from anywhere in the world”, quoted from the webpage. Nivea has adapted wonderfully with the digital marketing strategies and has made a great presence on the digital world as well as the real world. The blue tin with the white Nivea written on it brings back childhood memories. It is a magnificent cream for everybody in the family and their ads demonstrate it. I will analyze how Nivea uses social networks to be a top business.

By Akena Andonegui


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Nowadays web marketing is important for any business, because it promotes broadly. This is because it reaches people through social networks such as twitter,  facebook and e-mail, which are very popular webs. For organizations, digital identity presents great opportunities. Therefore the business is seen by many people and really helps create clientele. The design development, creation of a web page, adding banner ads and mobile advertizing are great plans for the digital identity of the business strategy.  I chose Nivea which is owned by the German company Beiersdorf as an example by showing its Digital Marketing strategies which it uses to place itself in the real and digital world.

With the digital identity given through Nivea´s facebook page or twitter, they establish trust with people. This is what makes interaction with their web to happen and what keeps information flowing.Creating new ways of reaching people and contacting clients is key to increase brand awareness. Nivea´s pages are regularly updated resulting in good presence.

People are afraid of giving personal information on the web, and this is why it is so valuable to obtain their attention. Digital identity has a lot of value for companies and in a report by The Boston consulting Group in the Liberty Global Policy Series, through a research involving more than 3,000 individuals said that the value created through digital identity is going to be worth €1 trillion in Europe by 2020. Much of this digital identity is offered by social networks such as facebook, twitter or Google.

Nivea created an App called Guía Nivea Sun for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad at the App Store  this helps promote the brand because it is easily available through the phone.  Many people use their phone to search the web, make reservations and buy. The business will be more successful if it is android compatible.

Nivea has a web page which contains broad information about the products, privacy policy, FAQ, a contact section, interesting information, publicity, promotions and the list goes on. At the top and bottom of the page the person has the option to choose from more than 100 countries from all over the world such as English (United Kingdom) for example. This makes the product´s footprint large in the world. Also, all the information is available on one webpage. The public is encouraged to add Nivea on Facebook and twitter because of the amazing promotions such as makeovers, and raffles.  In addition, eye catching interactivepresentations of the products catch people´s attention and therefore will have more likes and tweets. Their Privacy Policy is shown at the top and bottom of the page and they embrace responsibility, transparency, and user control. Plus it makes the reader feel safer to give their information out.

The page has fourteen FAQ´s about general topics concerning Nivea. It is medically certified as being necessary for our skin care. There are also FAQ´s on separate sections, for body care, deodorants, face care, lip care, men´s care and sun care. It is a product which people need and has a doctor’s advice the attention is caught, by informing. In this way the reader understands the products more easily and how interesting and awesome Nivea is. If you want to know more about the product, there is a Q&A WITH DR. SCHRADER section. She gives a detailed explanation on importance of water in skin. Explanation from where healthy skin draws moisture. How water is not enough to moisturize skin and how Nivea products such as Hydra IQ helps the formation of Aquaporins which causes the corresponding proteins to form in the right place. These content areas  is great for the business because they attract users and are free and put your business as a source of knowledge.


They have a wide range of products, they are aimed for women, men and children and their publicity provides skin care and beauty. For the holidays they have created gift packs for this Christmas. All the shops and the products available are shown just by clicking next to the product of your choice. They have a higlights such as  Kids Swim & Play, Children´s Pocket Size or the Nivea Sun Care products which protect and bronze. Also, the products are displayed with images, and underneath, there´s an option of viewing an overview, and how to apply the product and the ratings and reviews. People want to know opinions. The products are rapidly found as there is a search engine at the top right hand side of the page. Exposure on the web is important and having a keyword optimized website which shows the location and product will make your business a 24/h online brochure. Also an easy and straight forward web page such as Nivea´s attracts more people.

Nivea also sponsors which improves the perception of their digital identity as a positive and pro health image. This will get the team´s, friends´s and fan´s  support. Events and marketing promote as seen when clicking in experience Nivea at the home page there are 5 images constantly rotating and the 1st is a competition to win one of 100 NIVEA invisible black and white deodorants. Just by clicking enter now you will have a chance of winning, then, only the details must be entered. The next photo is a monthly subscription to the e-news with a link, where the person is updated about competitions, new products and the latest news. At the bottom of the page there is another subscription gadget to the enewsletter and a follow Nivea on the web link. Facebook is a good tool for a business plan because people tend to trust more easily a product recommended by a friend.

Another image names the last winner of Nivea Soft and gives a link to fashion tips and they put a great starting title “Fashion Ready Skin” this is to celebrate the launch of their new Nivea Soft Pots. Clicking on an image of the products takes you to another page which shows the different types of style from casual to elegant. Once there, you can have more information on the clothes by clicking on them, which makes it fun because it is very interacting with the costumer. On the top of the page there are different sections, including a video of the winners makeover, which is very motivating. There are also photos,  and a comment of her amazing experience with the cream and makeover.

The next section is about Nivea´s 100th anniversary and they invite us to join their celebration journey to bring you better skincare for life, with photos, videos, stories and more.  By clicking on learn more we are taken to a page filled with pictures of their ads through the years and by clicking on a picture it takes us to various details of historical moments. The attention of the reader is attained by having loyal buyers or friends of the business talk about the product.

Another section of the home page is of Nivea pure & natural where the person is taken on a journey through 4 different countries and this is a great ad because the reader can interact with the images. By clicking on some plants or trees, interesting information appears about the names and ingredients which it contains to better the skin. For example in Asia, by clicking on a beautiful flower, I learnt that it´s ingredient is Burdock and it is a prickly fruit which was used in traditional Chinese medicine. It is a wonderful anti-ageing ingredient and it helps support the skin´s natural regeneration and therefore reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This is an interesting and easy way of catching reader’s attention because it is fun and educates in a unique manner.


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By: Akena Andonegui Segovich

Tim O´Reilly wrote the Blogger´s code of conduct based on his friend Kathy Sierra’s revelation. She received violent comments from anonymous bloggers on her blog. Chris Locke the person who is thought of opening “the meankids site” argued in an email that it was not meant to harm. Unfortunately this is not the only case of cyber bullying.

Below are some ideas in progress of how the code of conduct should be based on Kathy Sierra´s case.


As owner of your page and blog it is your responsibility to put the limits of what kind of posts are expected on your blog. The environment of our blog should be examples of what is expected.Therefore the content shouldn´t have any unacceptable context. This means that it shouldn’t be abusive, harassing, or threatening to a person or persons. This includes spreading false information or misrepresentative of another person (O’Reilly Tim, 3AD. ). Moreover plagiarizing should not be done and in Electronic Frontier Foundation  Legal Guide for Bloggers you may be informed. It should be referenced so that the reader has information on the paper as well as for the proper use of the information. In addition, the content shouldn’t violate any moral right of any third part. For example, confidentiality, privacy, or paid editorial content from a third party. Setting standards doesn’t mean you are not letting people discuss you are just guiding them to what kind of discussions you are expecting. Chris Locke deleted the mean comments from his blog but it would have been better if instead he made clear on his site that the comments were unacceptable. It is good practice to say why you are deleting a comment. We should have the policy of deleting ads, or insulting and threatening posts. However, bloggers have the responsibility to keep comments and not delete them solely because they express opinions you don’t agree with.


Another great idea form the brainstorming which took place at Tim O´Reilly´s conference is to show in your blog that you won’t accept foul language and insulting comments. A way of showing what level of discourse you accept is by putting a badge on the blog as a symbol that only proper discussion is expected. Another way of setting standards is to write on your page what you expect and tolerate. At the Blogger’s community guidelines you can also find ideas on code of conduct example.


It is improper to answer back because you would be doing the same. Don’t right anything online that you wouldn´t say in person.  A public forum is a terrible place to write express your anger. A way of helping you is to think that you are speaking to a big and muscular man. More solved if you connect to the person privately and directly or find an intermediary to do so before publishing a post or comment about the topic. Tim O´Reilly was the intermediary of Kathy Sierra and many things were cleared. Tim found out that Chris Locke´s blog had been hacked and that the posts were not made by him. Chris came forward and assured to Kathy that he didn’t want to hurt her, but Kathy has the fear that there is an anonymous stalker. This why it is good to clear things personally and most importantly, to avoid encouraging bullying. Anonymous comments should be considered to be eliminated, because the person may be more tempted not to follow the code of conduct. Anonymity is mostly used for political in repressive regimes. On the other hand anonymity may encourage great discussions because the person feels more comfortable and free to express themselves.


Sometimes it is needed to stand up to bullies, but in some cases it is better to ignore them. If you continue the public attacks you are letting the bully feed his ego by letting him continue to put others down. A solution is to ban the IP address of the person who violates your standards(O´Reilly Tim, 8AD.). A good way of communicating with the person is to let them know they acted inappropriately without shaming and asking them to make amends publicly. If the person still doesn’t withdraw the comments and they are a threat then we will use law enforcement to protect the target of the threat.

A positive symbol instead of the Sheriff´s badge as a symbol of respect would be more popular.  A site could use a logo with a link which takes you to the text on the site. Also a site which inspires a higher level of journalistic integrity might want a link to their fact checking policy. Each site would link the logo to the particular policy wanted. A really useful tool is  Lybrarything  , it lets users flag inappropriate comments which then become a click to see. The message is no longer immediately visible because it was flagged.  John at librarything was presented to the persons at Movable type, WordPress, and Blogger and hopefully they´ll make it.  From observation it is seen that people who ca n easily make up a  pseudonym  and  write a post on a wall tend to be mean. This shows that anonymity and a lack of consequences result in undesirable ways. However, just because the email address or other form of identification is required, it doesn’t mean that it is easy to trace the person on the other side (Lessons Learned) . The person who has problems with anonymous bullies, then the site could require proof of identity in exchange for participation. We are responsible for the tone we allow on our site to help prevent cyber bullying. If you were the next victim of bullying and that is why it is important to stop it.


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– Akena Andonegui

This restaurant is called Singular by Inigo Lavado and I recommmend  it, because it mixes two of my favorite things, food and clothes.  Costumers can look at the clothes and accesories while waiting in line, or  read a magazines available from the centre table. It is pleasant and the food is  wonderful.

Local is in: Camino de Pillotegi 12
20018‎ Donostia-San Sebastián‎ País Vasco






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